Periodical Compliance

Our team of company secretaries and CAs are experienced to understand nuances of forming a company in India for an overseas company.

This Indian company can either be a Joint venture company or a wholly owned subsidiary or simply a company owned by foreigners / Non resident Indians. Thanks to years of experience, our team has expert knowledge on details of documentation and attestations required in India.

  Floated a company in India? Know your basic obligations
  Buying or Selling Goods obtain Value Added Tax (VAT) registration
  Rendering services? May need registration under service tax Act (ST)
  Withholding tax number - TAN under income tax act
  Foreign exchange involved in your business? Ensure FEMA compliance
  Importer exporter code
  You may need this - Other requirements
  Annual requirements to be complied by a company in India
  Concurrent requirements of a company

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